My Escort Experiences

Hey, welcome to! This is a blog where I will be sharing my escort experiences with the world.

Escorts To-do List

Back in the day I never had a very long to-do list. I’d look at the classifieds in the back of the newspaper, I’d see one or two ads of escorts that I’d like to see and pick one of them. The next time would be the same thing, but they’re practically all new ads at that point. There’d be a couple of escorts who kept the same ads for long periods of times and gained interest for me but for the most part my to-do list as a daily list that changed every time I had a new look. Now with the internet, my escort to-do list is an ever growing list of escorts that I want to see. My problem is that I love women of all shapes and sizes, I like blonde escorts with big tits and long legs. I love Asians escorts, be it Thai escorts, Chinese escorts, Japanese escorts or Cambodian escorts. I love Indian escorts, I think there’s something so exotic about being able to do whatever you want to a sexy Indian escort or Arab escort. I also love dark women, black escorts with big huge boobs and asses, or skinny and tall black escorts like Naomi Campbell.

What ever the type, I have a weakness for it. The only list as long as my turn ons is my escort to do list. Take a browse through my Escort To-Do list and you might find some who you like or want to be with.  I normally try to include contact information in all of the posts, unless I don’t have it or I don’t think the escort wants it posted on this site.

My Favorite Escorts

Consider this my personal Escorts Hall of Fame! In this section I am going to be adding the best of the best escorts from all over the world. In order to be listed in this section the escort has to be absolutely gorgeous. I got nothing against the girl next doors of the world or the slutty housewives, but this is a Hall of Fame, 4th line grinders – no matter how well they do their job, don’t go to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It reminds me, at one point I believe it was in Brooklyn there was an escort who did incalls back in 2002 or 2003 and from what I had heard she was not pretty by any standards, however she gave the world’s best head. Apparently this escort could deep throat the whole thing, lick your balls and suck a golf ball out of a hose all at the same time! I never went to see her because Brooklyn is kind of far from me, but it just goes to show that with escorts, sometimes it’s not about the looks but the service they provide. In the Hall of Fame you have to have both, the services that are unparalleled and looks that go along with it.

Places To Meet Escorts Online

There are more and more quality places to meet escorts online these days. I actually remember back in the day meeting escorts in the yahoo chat groups, we certainly have come a long ways since then. There are escort directories, there are escort review boards, there are escort communities, there are tons of escort classifieds online. Sometimes it depends on what city you’re in, as different sites have cornered different local markets. Ever since Craigslist shut down the adult services section of their website it’s become more spread out, and no one has truly emerged as a leader yet, but there’s a lot of contenders. The reason I made this section  is because I’m constantly coming up on little gems of websites that have a great selection of really sexy escorts, so I wanted a place to share them.

This is not a section where I get paid to post links to certain escort websites. I want every one to know, first of all, that no one would be willing to pay me for a link on this site LOL. But more importantly, I made this website in my spare time so that I could share and post about my favorite hobby, not to make money. If you find any sites in this section that you don’t think are any good, please let me know. I’d love to hear your opinions. Likewise, if you know of really good sites that you think should be included here, please send them over. I can’t guarantee I will add them but I will definitely take a look and if I agree include them.

Escort Business

There’s no business like ho business! I’m joking, I’m joking. I’m not disrespecting anyone, just making fun. The point of this section is to post news relating to prostitution laws, news relating to escorts, information for escorts on different aspects of the business, information for escort agency owners, news relating to Johns being busted for seeing escorts basically anything that can be considered news worthy or informational. I usually make these posts after seeing an escort, because at that time I’ve already released my load and I’m feeling very intellectual. As soon as couple hours goes by I’ve got another load built up and my brain goes back to horny dog mode. So in those few hours I have I will try to make as many posts as I can in this section, although I certainly don’t claim or promise this to be a complete resource by any stretch.

I will also include links to some other sites that I’ve found including some sites that explain how to become an escort, other blogs about escorting and whatever else I can find. The point of this section is to keep every one informed and to share the links that I find interesting.