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General: This site is pretty cool, it’s got a lot of neat features and has a decent amount of profiles on the site (30k) so it’s definitely fun to browse. They don’t have a lot of profiles in the European cities and it charges a monthly membership fee for Hobbyists.

– Great browsing features (search by service, ethnicity, city etc)
– Decent amount of profiles

– Monthly membership fee.
– European cities don’t have a lot of profiles.

Overall: I really like the idea, but I’m so turned off from having to pay for a monthly membership in order to see the information I really want that I just can’t be bothered to recommend this site. Maybe I’m a cheap bastard because I’ll pay $500/hour to see a high class escort, but I won’t pay the $24.99 or what ever to make sure her services are worthwhile. I think with how much escorts charge the cost of operating these sites should be dumped on them, rather than us. /end rant.

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