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General: has the right idea, they let you search for escorts based on zip code however they fall short in many areas. They have an advanced search with option like ethnicities, height, age, etc but none of the profiles have this information filled out – so it’s basically useless. It’s completely free to join and use, which is something I think is fantastic. They make their money by having escorts pay extra for featured profiles and the ads on the site.

– Completely free to use
– Searchable based on zip code

– Profiles lack information to make advanced search useful
– Not a lot of reviews

Overall: has the potential to be a really cool website but unfortunately as is it falls short. I also am not a huge fan of the layout of the site and think it could use a lot of work on making it more practical to navigate. With that being said it has some web 2.0 features that are way beyond any of the dinosaur sites like and offer making it at least a little better than those sites.

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