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General: This is my go-to source for European escorts, mainly London escorts. They have a ton of very pretty escorts to chose from and cover most major cities. I wouldn’t consider them an authority for United States, but they’re also no slouch. They’ve got a large amount of listings for the major destinations like New York Escort and Las Vegas Escorts.

– Great selection of top notch escorts
– Easy to navigate

– Lots of text links, you gotta click through to see if the escort is even hot or not.
– No way to filter results other than by city.

Overall: This is a good site to check out and keep your eye on. It takes a bit of work to find the escort you’re looking for, but it’s usually worth the effort because of how hot some of them are. I am honestly a little biased because I have been using this site for a long time. Had I just found the site the other day I might say it’s hard to navigate and don’t like it, but I am a loyal guy!

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