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General: This is another site that has been around for ages. If this were a brand new site that was launched tomorrow I don’t think any one would ever go to it, but because it’s been around for a long time it gets a lot of repeat traffic and people who keep going back. One of the best things about it is the sheer amount of reviews it has. If you’re looking for reviews on someone, your best bet is finding them here.

– Lots and lots of reviews
– Very detailed reviews

– Monthly membership fees
– A layout that was designed before the internet was invented

Overall: I really don’t know how to explain this in the nicest way possible so I am just going to say it honestly, this site is a freaking disaster. It’s got a ton of information, but it’s a pain trying to find it. If you got your favorite pages bookmarked then you’re set, but otherwise it really sucks. The best thing about it is how much info they have, the amount of traffic this site gets is really crazy.

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